Terms and Conditions

We take immense pride in being a family-owned business, completely committed to producing superior quality, USA-made products right here in North Carolina. With an extensive range of over 50,000 turbo-guards available, we meticulously handcraft each one to your exact specifications. It is important to note that our products may require a lead time of up to 15 business days before shipment, although we always make every effort to fulfill orders promptly.

Our turbo-guards are precision-crafted using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, providing exceptional performance and reliability in any race application. Please keep in mind that our guards are not intended to act as air filters or prevent dust and are exclusively sold for race applications. They may not be compliant with the regulations of all 50 states. Additionally, our products and packaging include chemicals recognized by the state of California for their potential to cause cancer or birth defects.

Once our products are installed, it is imperative that you recognize and uphold your responsibility to utilize them safely and appropriately. Please note that Turbo-Guard will not assume any liability for any harm caused to people or property due to the extreme conditions in which our products are used  

We appreciate your decision to choose Turbo-Guard, as we are committed to delivering dependable and cutting-edge products that cater to your racing requirements.