NEW**** Turbo-Guard® SF+(PLUS) Neon Colors

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This is our latest design. Made for all the boost! This mesh is 400% stronger than our number one seller, the original Turbo-Guard SF series! The mesh is a little tighter for those wanting maximum protection but its strong enough to withstand all the boost!

  • Under normal conditions this guard will outlast the turbo and doesn't need to be replaced until you decide your turbo isn't big enough!
  • Stainless Steel Screen rated for over for 100psi 
  • These will work for all turbos and superchargers
  • Premium Stainless Steel Clamp
  • 100% made in USA 
  • The only true ONE-PIECE Design on the market!

We have other color options such as pearl, metallics and neons which can be special ordered. Just contact us through the chat or email us at

*All Turbo-Guards come with a stainless clamp with black or red script. If other clamp styles are desired to Custom Clamps

Veiw Powder Coat Colors Here.

Our ONE piece design is, by far, the best/safest option if you run a screen filter or don’t have room for a cone filter! Quick and Easy installation and removal. Our Screen is molded into premium silicone all the way under the clamp (unlike the knockoffs). This makes the design much stronger preventing the screen from getting sucked in.

-Protects against large debries from entering your turbo and causing catastrophic failure, costing you thousands to fix. (birds, rocks, body parts etc….)

-Not as bulky as those big cone filters so it can fit into small tight spaces where turbos often hide

-Great look for styling your ride. -Stainless Steel Clamp.

-Let the Turbo Noises out! -Black Stainless Steel Screen……200 lbs per sq/inch bursting test.

DISCLAIMER: Turbo-Guard doesn’t claim to be a substitute for a cone filter. It’s simply made to fit where others don’t. This is just a quick and simple way to add some protection when you have no other choice. The One-piece design makes it easy to slide on when you need protection and easy to take off when you want to get the most out of your boosted application. Turbo-Guards are manufactured to your specifications using quality materials and craftsmanship. Turbo-Guard and Turbo-Guard Australia are not responsible for damages to property and persons resulting from the extreme conditions in which these products are used.